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End-to-end solutions design

  • Scoping, commercials & risk assessment
  • Sensor selection & custom device design
  • Network & device provisioning
  • System specification


Assuring success

  • LPWAN sensor & gateway deployment
  • Programme & project management
  • Platform & system integration


Sustaining value delivery

  • Data analyses and visualisation
  • 1st through 3rd line support
  • Vendor & portfolio management
  • Training and Workshops


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The industry’s lowest-profile parking sensors at just 20mm (available in any colour) are deployed into bays and deliver reliable, near-real-time parking metrics. This enables parking operators to accurately track and alert on bay utilisation. The solution optionally uses RF tags, allocated to individual vehicles, enabling the identification of legitimate parking events and infringements.

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The IoT Parking solution signficantly reduces the cost of parking enforcement activity, focussing personnel on violations. It’s especially well received in resident parking zones, where cars occupying street bays reserved for local residents are automatically identified through the absence of an associated vehicle tag.

Our parking sensors are Highways approved and provide 4 years of uninterrupted operation. Parking event data is surfaced through our cloud platform application and readily integrated into the leading pay-to-park platforms as well as analytics platforms.

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Waste Management

Our Waste Management solution actively monitors bin fill level, orientation and fire detection, enabling optimised demand-driven maintenance schedules. This helps our clients deploy refuse collection teams more effectively, saving costs and improving the local environment.

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Our custom sensor design fits easily into the lid of any bin design. It's waterproof, tough and has a battery life of beyond 4 years.

Bin sensor data is received into our scalable data platform, providing a web-based application which monitors and alerts on exception events. The application works on mobiles as well as desktops and lets field personnel not only rapidly check sensor status but also quickly provision sensors into bins and tag their locations. As with all our solutions, this is your data - we distribute sensor and event data into client analytics solutions to generate increased value for your organisation.

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Water Safety

Our Water temperature monitoring system delivers remote monitoring of water temperatures on a 24/7 basis. This helps building owners comply with HSG274, reducing the risk of Legionella. As with all our solutions, your event data is aggregated into a highly scalable web-based platform, raising alerts when business-critical thresholds are exceeded. Your event data can be streamed or transferred in batch from the platform to your own analytics platform as required.

Some of our Clients

Thurrock Council

Thurrock Council have a clear vision to be "An ambitious and collaborative community which is proud of its heritage and excited by its diverse opportunities and future."
With this in mind they have completed their first journey into the world of IoT with us to transform their recycling centre using sensors that are monitoring traffic flow, footfall and wind speed with queue time and alerts linking directly to their website. Having proven the value of sensor data and the operational efficiencies that have been realised, Thurrock Council are now evaluating their top use cases to expand their IoT network.

Watford Borough Council

Watford's vision is to create a bold and progressive future for their residents. They are embracing IoT technology to help achieve this vision. Watford Council are using LPWAN IoT sensors designed by us, combined with our IoT cloud platform, in a full end-to-end managed system solution. Watford are monitoring the use of taxi ranks, restricted wait bays and residents parking zones.

BCP Council

6.88m people visit Bournemouth every year with an average of 750,000 ice creams being bought on the seven miles of Bournemouth seafront! As a popular tourist destination BCP Council are working with us to improve their waste collection services across Bournemouth beachfront. We are providing an end to end solution consisting of sensors, dashboards and operational maintenance designed to drive efficiencies and improvements in residents and visitors experience.

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emma mahy
Emma Mahy
Founder, Managing Director and ultimate road-warrior

Emma combines a background working with low powered wide area network (LPWAN) operators across the UK and 25 years account management, business development and project delivery across a range of market sectors.

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Neal Forse
Founder, Director and dance-floor sensation

Neal has 20+ years’ within the broadcast & semiconductor sectors, both in engineering and business management. Neal nurtured multiple start-up Video, Industrial IoT & AI businesses within Intel and co-founded WND UK.

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